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The world of skincare has become very complicated…and it doesn’t have to be! No one has insight like an Aesthetician, we treat every skin type, every day, in every scenario. Truth is there is a very definitive list of ingredients that reverse the equally definitive list of major skin concerns we all face, and the good news is we’ve built a whole range around them.

If you are suffering with a skin concern that effects your self-esteem, or you simply want to future proof your ageing, then look no further…we’re lifting the lid on clinical facials. After years of working alongside Cosmetic Chemists we have created simple yet insanely effective formulations that enable you to replicate in-clinic treatments safely & effectively, for a fraction of the cost…empowering you to enhance the skin you’re in.

For the first time ever, we are sharing our secrets, & granting you access to clinical formulations that were previously only available to Aestheticians!

Enhance My Skin is formulated By Cosmetic Chemists alongside one very passionate Aesthetician… in the UK.


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Meet our founder, Life coach, Facialist, Aesthetic Practitioner & all-round human empowerer Abi Farrow

I can officially confirm skin care has become way to complicated & expensive. I see way too much marketing BS & results fakery in the industry, consumers are confused. I wanted to keep it simple, so with the invaluable insight I have acquired as an Aesthetician, I have created skincare treatment solutions with powerful ingredients that not only keep their promises, they successfully replicate the results of expensive in clinic treatments, safely & cost effectively!

With 15 years of seeing every skin scenario under the sun it’s time to give back the power to you – the consumer! I believe healthy skin is a gateway to healthy confidence and self-esteem and what’s more… I want to educate & empower you to understand your skin to create all of these insane changes in the comfort of your own home.. and even better at the fraction of the cost of a Clinical treatment. It’s easy when you know how…just let me show you!

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