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How did we select our formulas?

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Enhance My Skin - Skincare Product Range

Experience! As brands fight for shelf space and stand out, we have witnessed things getting way too complicated for Aestheticians let alone the regular consumer.. BUT our experience shows that when you strip back the marketing BS & cut through the noise… there are a range of superstar ingredients that really do deliver the lion share of the results that most skin concerns require…from acne to ageing, pores or pigmentation.  These results driven  formulations do not have to be exclusive to clinical settings & cost hundreds often thousands of pounds – we want you to empower you to enhance the skin you’re in the comfort of your own home, right now!

Results really are at the core of what we do..

We want you to see real changes, quickly and cost effectively! Our range has been formulated based on the efficacy of the clinically proven ingredients we use; we also explain things in a way that you can understand so you can make informed choices before you buy! We are proud to have created access to products that have been historically unobtainable that will save you time and money whilst making you look and feel amazing!

The beauty industry has become obsessed with highlighting the ‘active ingredients’ in skin care ranges….

We think that’s a good thing. When we refer to ‘actives’ these are the superstar molecules such as AHA’s BHA’s Vitamin C, Retinol, Niacinamide etc. These ingredients create some of the most positive noticeable changes to our skin’s health & vitality.  Obviously all skin types respond to these ’actives’ differently, hence our inclusion of the Phyto Active ingredients in our products that are scientifically proven to ‘buffer’ & ‘balance’ our formulations. This results in positive reversal of your concerns without compromising the skins barrier or causing over irritation.

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