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Top 5 Enhance My Skin FAQ’s

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Enhance My Skin - Skincare Product Range

What is the difference between a Chemical Peel & Resurfacer?

Chemical peels typically penetrate deeper into the skin compared to resurfacers. They involve the use of stronger % of the ‘active’ ingredients that peel away the outer layers of the skin, reaching into the middle and sometimes deeper dermis. Don’t worry! Our formulations are very much in ‘superficial peels’ category as such you experience a light shedding of the dead skin cells.   That said, some of our formulations DO require an adjustment phase & this is non-negotiable – you should always adjust your skin unique characteristics to our products as directed, to ensure best results.

Do the Peel formulations honestly rival an in Clinic experience?

Yes 100%!  We have developed formulations that are buffered with powerful botanicals to ensure they deliver clinical results but are safe to apply in the comfort of your own home. These plant-based antioxidant rich ingredients have been added to our formulations because of their antibacterial, soothing, hydrating, healing & skin repairing properties.

How do I select products?

Our skin care protocols are kept simple, on the side of our packaging you will see where each product falls in your regime.

Our ‘Prep’ products are essentially gentle- micro exfoliants that work by clearing the pathway toaccelerate our ‘Enhance’ formulations, which are designed to promote flawless skin and can be layered on the top of each other, for best results. Our ‘Hydrate’ products are designed to replenish natural oils and hydration to ensure your skin is optimally healthy & doesn’t become over sensitised, whilst our ‘Protect’ products either promote healing or prevent damage by shielding skin from the premature ageing effects of the Sun. Lastly our ‘Treat’ section is always at the end of any skin care regimen, as these are our standalone mask or Peel formulations, specifically design to treat & reverse your more major skin concerns. This simple 5 step Protocol will help you understand which product to use & when to use it to achieve best results.

Are your products cruelty free?

100% never tested on animals and never will be.

Is your packing Eco- Friendly? Our packaging is easy to recycle and made from materials manufactured using minimal impact on energy consumption or natural resources.

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