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Enhance My Skin - Skincare Product Range


Navigating the skincare world has become overly complicated, hasn’t it? Half the challenge lies in the inability to discuss your real-life skin concerns with an actual human without breaking the bank. Without this option, we often waste money on impulse purchases and precious time scrolling and self-diagnosing, leading to substandard results and half-empty bottles gathering dust on our dressing tables…

So, with this in mind… we offer three options to chat all things skin in real time – From acne to ageing – we got you!

Pop us a message in the chat box at the corner of this page, this chat box is manned between the hours of 9am-5pm MON-FRI

Our experts love to chat SO let’s go old school and have an actual conversation…Call us on 01787 224636

If you’re on the go, you can email us, Just be mindful email may take a little longer, you will receive a response in 24 hours

Utilizing our clinical expertise, we connect with countless individuals seeking to improve their skin. We understand the toll this journey can take on confidence and self-esteem. If any options resonate with you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Or fill in the form below to contact us. Emails usually take a little longer, so please expect a delayed response.

Meet the team

Abi Farrow

Level 5/7 Ofqual in Aesthetic Practice, CEO of the Enhance ME Group Skin Clinics & Training Academy.

Skin obsessed from an early age, Abi is the founder and ‘mission driver’ behind Enhance My Skin. An Aesthetician specialising in Advanced skin therapies for 15 years, Abi is still very much hands-on, having successfully turned thousands of problematic skins into flawless faces!

‘’Skin care is over complicated, consumers want efficient, easy to understand formulations. I have spent two years alongside cosmetic chemists perfecting our formulations. I am now proud to say we have created the perfect combination of products and treatments that rival in clinic results, empowering people to cost effectively control their concerns and future proof their ageing in the comfort of their own homes!”

Laura Downes

Enhance My Skin Brand Specialist.

“In my role I thoroughly enjoy speaking to so many of our lovely customers on a day-to-day basis! Helping guide people towards the best route for them is something I find very rewarding and witnessing our constant flow of skin transformation testimonials is always very gratifying! I cannot wait to speak with more of you soon and help assist you on your skin journey where I can!”