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Mandelic Acid Peel Strength 1



Acne, Ageing + Texture


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Product type

  • Efficient removal of dead skin cells and surface debris from the skin
  • Antimicrobial & antibacterial properties
  • Excellent choice for all types of acne, including cystic acne
  • Loosens blackhead debris for easy extraction
  • Cleans bacteria & refines pores
  • Refines skin tone & texture
  • Safest peeling solutions for darker skin tone as wont ‘over lighten’
  • Inhibits the growth of melanin which causes pigmentation patches unwanted freckles & uneven skin tone
  • Repairs sun-damaged skin
  • Reduces fine lines without the irritation of other AHA’s
  • Most effective peeling solution for Rosacea skin types
  • Mandelic acid – excellent for acne, sensitive & darker skin tones
  • White tea – Reduces inflammation, improves circulation & combats free radicals
  • Liquorice Root Extract – Removes excess melanin & brightens skin
  • Goji Fruit Extract – Free radical scavenger & reduces inflammation
  • Radish Root Ferment – Improves skin flora & protects against bad bacteria
  • Dragon’s Blood Resin – Plumps & hydrates
  • Aloe Leaf – Soothes, cools & calms irritation

Aestheticians recommend having 6-8 mandelic acid treatments in 1-2-week intervals for optimum results. The average cost of one visit to an aesthetician is approx £100. Our peels give you 4-6 treatments at £32!

Upon application you will feel very little heat or tingling within the first 60 seconds. This acid penetrates more slowly due to its molecule size. Rest assured the magic is still happening! Once the peel has processed for approx. 3-5 minutes the skin dry, dead glued-together surface sebum will be dissolved. The peel will gently pass through the layer activating your collagen. There should be no noticeable peeling, just a sloughing action. Your skin may look pink for a short amount of time post peel. A small amount of dry skin may remain for up to 3 days. Skin will feel illuminated & vibrant.

Product information

A beginner’s peeling solution that has been clinically formulated to equip you with everything you need to perform weekly professional grade treatments safely, from the comfort of your own home – without the price tag of in clinic treatments. Mandelic Acid the least irritating of the AHA’s yet still delivers exceptional skin refining results to all skin types including sensitive, those with rosacea and darker skin tones. Mandelic Acid has anti-microbial properties making it an excellent choice for removal of pore debris & reversal of acne including cystic acne. It also gently repairs & reverses sun damage & the signs of prematurely aged skin. This ‘beginner’ peeling solution is the perfect starting point for skin types new to peeling. Our formulation also contains Plant Bio Actives such as Aloe, Dragons Blood, Goji & Liquorice root alongside Radish Root Ferment to support & feed the skin’s Microbiome. These antioxidant rich ingredients balance the exfoliating properties of the peeling formulation by promoting healthy skin barrier repair without damage or disruptive downtime. Noticeable textural improvements are achieved from early application, creating flawless healthy-looking skin. Strength 1 is formulated for skin new to Chemical Peeling Solutions. Each bottle contains 4-6 Clinical Grade Skin Peeling Facials. Always patch test before use.



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