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Radiance Serum Duo

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Elevate your routine & promote vibrant, healthy-looking skin that glows with the Enhance My Skin Radiance Serum Duo!

This powerful pair were formulated with one mission in mind, to deliver radiance! If you are serious about creating luminous, hydrated, firmer looking skin that glows, then combining the power of our Miracle Facial Oil & Multi-Peptide Power Serum will deliver impactful results quickly.

Our serums were designed to be layered, as together the formulations work twice as hard to deeply hydrate and replenish your skin, by stimulating collagen production & minimising fine lines and wrinkles, Together, they dramatically enhance your skin elasticity, brighten your complexion, improve texture, and promote plumper, firmer, bouncy looking skin.

Start by massaging one pump of either serum onto freshly cleansed skin allowing it to fully absorb, before layering the next. If your skin tolerates this duo well you can use both AM & PM.

To seriously accelerate your results & seal in the benefits of our Super Serums, finish with our Hydrate & Protect Duo in the day.

Suitable for all skin types.

What's included in this kit

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This bundle is suited for people with Dehydrated/Sensitive skin types.


Use products AM/PM depending on your skin’s unique requirements. Always follow the Directions For Use instructions on each product.

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